......... . Advice to well start the season . ....... .


Initially, I want to remember that football is a GAME.
You must have an irreproachable attitude in any event. The attitude on the pitch is very often the reflect of the management team behaviour.



Here is a short list of sport equipment needed for your training sessions. It is not an exhaustive list.

- Stopwatch
- Whistle
- Needle valve for ball pump (for the balls)
- Pens
- Notes Books



To make an inventory of allocated material (the number of balls, cones, dribbling posts, training bibs, etc.).
Check if the ball air pump works properly



1. Prepare your session on a paper.
2. Arrive at least half an hour before the players, so that to prepare the training material. It is very important that the balls are sufficiently inflated.
3. Begin and finish the training sessions in time.
4. Arrange a little break of 5 minutes during the sessions, so that the players can quench their thirst.



5. At the time you are explaining an exercise, for example, you must absolutely have all your players in front of you, but in no case, one or several players on your back. When the weather is good, take into account the sun position.
6. During an exercise, you must position yourself at a place where you can have the best game vision and not disturb the players.
7. At any time, you must correct an exercise when this one does not suit to your expectations.

8. You must know how many balls you have at the beginning of the training session in order to collect again the same quantity at the end of the session.



9. Shin-pads are obligatory.
10. Fitted shoes for football playing.
11. During the cold season, the players must have the fitted sport clothes. You cannot obtain good results during the trainings sessions with players who are cold.